Building Design

Programming Phase (PP)

The programming phase is where we cultivate understanding of the clients needs, research information relevant to proposed design, consider new ideas, then define the problem. Once we gain definition, we can move to the successive design phases to further our work.

The Schematic Design Phase (SD)

The schematic design takes the programming information from the design concept and forms solutions—it’s where you create physical designs that consider real-world constraints.

The Design Development Phase (DD)

Design development is the process of refining the design concept and schematic design. We determine the most appropriate types of building materials, mechanical systems, and discover any challenges or opportunities with floor plan development.
This phase also includes the incorporation of sustainability measures and other building opportunities.
At the end of the design development phase, the building’s exterior, layout, and dimensions are all completed. Additionally, most of the materials will already have been chosen. Final minor changes are made to the building’s design.

The Construction Documents Phase (CD)

These drawings and specifications have all of the details, dimensions, and notes necessary to communicate the entire design intent to the builder. We show how the building components should be connected, specify all of the materials, finishes, fixtures, equipment, and appliances to be installed, and coordinate our drawings with the structural engineer’s and any other consultant drawings. The Construction Documents phase often requires the most time, which can surprise clients because the design seems complete after Design Development and Permit Documents. However, this is a critical step in the process of successfully and accurately executing the design you have invested in. Clients should be prepared to make decisions during this phase.

The Construction Administration Phase (CA)

Construction Administration phase of our services is the last phase and accounts for about 20% of the architect’s time and fees on a project. Even though this phase is the longest scheduled phase, it is not the majority of the architect’s work. On most projects we do NOT supervise construction. We will periodically visit the job site to see progress and ensure the contractor is following the plans per the architectural design intent. However, if requested, we can review contractor’s monthly invoices to confirm percentage work completion. We will be available to answer questions and provide additional information to issues that arise.